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Yahoo LiveText hopes blending video and texting will make...

Today, 05:31 PM

Posted By x-bot in iDevice News


Yahoo has officially announced LiveText, its new messaging app that blends text messaging and live-streaming video to create more memorable experiences. The app was originally soft-launched in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Ireland, and will soon be available in the US, UK, Canada, Germany, and France.

LiveText centers on real-time conversation, letting you actually see the reactions of your friends over live video to the messages you type. Video is silent, so you'll need to rely on typed messages in order to communicate.

From Yahoo:

Yahoo Livetext puts your words and your friend's real-time reactions at the center of your conversation. Whether you're watching Avicii DJ at the Creamfields Festival, at Venice Beach or taking in the view from the Eiffel Tower, you can spontaneously connect with the people you care about and invite them to experience moments with you. Your friend's goofy look or giant smile, even her eye roll or silent sigh, suddenly become a part of your conversation. Simple conversations are transformed into vivid, authentic and memorable experiences that you can share anytime.

Yahoo LiveText will officially launch tomorrow in the App Store. You can check out a short video of the app in action below.

Source: Yahoo





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VSCO Cam's Collections let you share your favorite ph...

Yesterday, 08:11 PM

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VSCO Cam for iPhone and iPad has been updated to add Collections, a new way of showing off your favorite photos and interacting with other photographers using VSCO Cam. Collections allow you to find and publish your favorite images for your followers to see.

This VSCO Cam update also allows you to take photos with the Volume Up button on your iPhone. Check out what's new in the list below:

  • New Collections feature allows for unprecedented interaction within the VSCO ecosystem
  • Connect with other creatives and their work
  • Double tap to save inspiring images, then publish those images to your Collection
  • Added ability to take photos using the volume button
  • Fixed various issues and bugs

You can grab the latest version of VSCO Cam from the App Store right now.





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Apple seeds OS X El Capitan Beta 3 to testers

Today, 07:42 PM

Posted By x-bot in iDevice News


Apple has seeded the third public beta version of OS X El Capitan, making the download available for members of Apple's Beta Software Program. If you count yourself among those ranks, you should be able to grab the latest beta release from the Mac App Store now.

While this is a public beta, it isn't completely open. If you're interested in participating, you'll have to sign up at the Apple Beta Software Program website to get started. The full public release of OS X 10.11 El Capitan is expected to land this fall with improvements to Safari, Spotlight search, and the debut of Apple's Metal graphics framework on the Mac platform.

Interested in everything there is to know about the OS X El Capitan Public Beta? Then be sure to check out our ultimate guid at the link below.

OS X Public Beta: The Ultimate Guide

Thanks to Keith for the tip!





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Can't favorite songs on Beats 1 or add them to iCloud...

Today, 06:35 PM

Posted By x-bot in iDevice News


Can't fave a song you love from Beats 1? A cocktail of bugs and music licensing are at fault.

I listen to a lot of Beats 1 throughout my day. In part, it's to find new music I haven't heard yet; I also appreciate hearing the occasional human conversation in my otherwise solitary office. But sometimes, when I hear a song I love, the "favorite" option isn't available; nor can I tap "Add to My Music" to send a track to my library.

Having the same problem? Here's why it's happening—and the best workaround for seeing if tracks are truly unavailable or just hiding in the Apple Music catalog.

The problem: Rights and bugs

As I understand it, the "no favorite" implementation was originally designed for songs that Beats 1 could play, but Apple Music couldn't—either because it didn't have rights or data for them, or they were brand-new releases that weren't in any catalog. After all, it doesn't help Apple Music's algorithm if you can favorite music it can't analyze and use in its For You recommendation engine.

Unfortunately, there also seems to be a bug in the Music app and iTunes for the Mac: Some songs in the Apple Music catalog can't be favorited when played on Beats 1, either. (For any Apple engineers reading this: rdar://22052540.)

This is annoying, and there's no way from the play screen to tell whether a track is buggy or actually unreleased. But if you use Apple Music's search screen, you can quickly figure out if the track you want is actually available to add or favorite.

How to manually add songs you like to your iCloud Music Library on your iPhone or iPad
  1. Tap the arrow in the upper left corner (or swipe down) to dismiss the Beats 1 play screen.
  2. Tap the Search icon in the upper right corner.
  3. Type the song's name into the search bar.

  4. If the song appears, it's in the Apple Music catalog. Tap the ellipses icon next to the song to Add to My Music; tap the song itself to play it, where you can then favorite it.
How to manually add songs you like to your iCloud Music Library on your Mac
  1. Click on the Search bar in the upper right corner.
  2. Make sure the Apple Music tab is selected, then type the song's name into the search bar.

  3. If the song appears in search results, it's in the Apple Music catalog. Mouse over the song in question, then click the ellipses icon next to the song to Add to My Music; click on the song itself to play it, where you can then favorite it.
Any questions?

Are you running into this bug, or just finding unreleased songs that you want to listen to? Let us know in the comments. And if you don't listen to Beats 1 and don't care, there's plenty of other information about Apple Music and so much more on iMore.com.





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Apple Music Wish List: Let me know when this song gets ad...

Today, 05:59 PM

Posted By x-bot in iDevice News


Beats 1 plays lots of great unreleased content. I want to know when it gets added to the Apple Music catalog.

I've found a lot of exciting new music during my lengthy Beats 1 listening sprees, but I can't tell you what half of those tracks were. That's because Apple's radio station often plays unreleased or pre-release tracks on its DJ shows, and those tracks (by virtue of, y'know, not being released) aren't available in the on-demand Apple Music catalog.

As such, the only thing I can do with those tracks if I want to remember them is create an Apple Music radio station based on them. There's no button to save for later, or let me know when the song is getting released. And that's a shame.

There are so many good tracks I've never heard on Beats 1, Apple. New bands I want to keep track of. And yet, there's no way to make note of these songs right now unless I take a screenshot of my Now Playing screen.

Instead, here's a modest proposal: Utilize the wishlist feature from iTunes and add a "Add to My Music when available" button. This Apple Music wishlist would save a list of tracks you want to download in the future, but may not be available now. And when tracks do get added to the service, you could get notified with a banner. "Swords by MIA is now available on Apple Music!"

What do you folks think? Is this a feature you'd make use of?

And for any Apple engineers who might happen to be reading this post, I've filed this on Apple Bug Report as rdar://22052359.





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OS X vs. Windows 10: Which should you get?

Today, 05:55 PM

Posted By x-bot in iDevice News


Should you get Apple's OS X or Microsoft's Windows 10?

Trick question. The Mac can run both!

When you buy a Mac, not only does it come with OS X 10.10 Yosemite installed—and free update to OS X 10.11 El Capitan—on the way, it's a full-on UNIX machine and, through a virtual machine or dual-booting with Bootcamp, it can runs Windows as well. That means the Mac isn't just the best PC hardware you can buy, it's the most flexible.

So, if you really want Windows 10, don't settle. Get it on a Mac!

And if you need specific Windows on Mac help, jump in here!





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Fantastical 2 for iPhone adds Japanese localization, lets...

Today, 04:19 PM

Posted By x-bot in iDevice News


Fantastical 2 for both iPhone and iPad have added full Japanese localization in its latest update, which is rolling out now. Additionally, Fantastical 2 for iPhone will now let you save events as drafts.

Saving an event as a draft allows you to come back to your event or reminder later. For instance, if you're planning a party, but are still deciding on the best time for everyone, simply swipe down on your new event to save it for later.

With full Japanese localization, Fantastical 2 is now localized in six languages, the others being English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish. The update is rolling out in the App Store across the world right now, so you should be able to grab it for both devices soon.





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Take our Apple Watch survey and be entered to win $5...

Today, 05:00 PM

Posted By x-bot in iDevice News


How do you use your Apple Watch?

The Apple Watch has been out for 3 months now. During that time we've reviewed it, produced dozens of articles designed to help you get the most out of it, and even re-reviewed it a couple of times. Now, with all of that behind us and watchOS 2 still to come, we're going to pause of a moment to hear what you think about your Apple Watch. And to say thank you, we want to give you a chance to enter to win a $500 gift certificate to put towards new bands, or even your next iPhone or Apple Watch!

Because the survey focuses on usability, you need to have an Apple Watch to complete it. We've kept it as short as possible, though. It should only take about 8-10 minutes. We wanted to be super respectful of your time but we also wanted to get the best idea possible of how you use your Apple Watch and all of its features. No question requires an answer, but we'd really appreciate it if you could answer as many of the questions as possible.

We'd also really appreciate it if you could share the survey with your friends and family members who have Apple Watches but who don't read websites like iMore or don't follow the tech scene. We'd love to get as well rounded a sense of Apple Watch usage as possible.

Thanks for your time and attention, it means the world to us!

Give-away details

The give-away starts today and ends Tuesday, August 11th, 2015 at 11:59pm PT. Usual rules apply. Complete the survey and enter your email address at the end to enter. Good luck!





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2015 MacBook lines get a FaceTime driver update for Boot...

Today, 04:31 PM

Posted By x-bot in iDevice News


Just in time for the launch of Windows 10, Apple has released a small update for FaceTime camera drivers on the 2015 Macbook, Macbook Pro, and MacBook Air. The update improves the built-in camera's compatibility with Windows while using it with OS X's Boot Camp feature.

Here's what Apple says about the update:

This update improves FaceTime camera compatibility with Windows, and is recommended for all Boot Camp users.

Owners of any of the above Macs can grab the update from Apple's support site.

Source: Apple





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The best iPhone 6 protective cases

Today, 12:00 PM

Posted By x-bot in iDevice News


Your iPhone 6 is an investment, so protect with a case.

The iPhone 6 looks great. From the lines and curves to the metallic finishes, Apple's design team has done their usual outstanding job. But life can be tough, even for a phone. So, if you want to preserve your iPhone 6's natural good looks, you'll need a case strong enough to protect it. Here are some of our current favorites, from full on multi-layer Iron Man-style armor to lighter, more scientific impact absorption.

OtterBox Defender Series

The OtterBox Defender Series offers three layers of protection, ensuring your iPhone 6 can survive tumble unscathed. On the inside is a hard plastic core, which includes a built-in screen protector. Once assembled around your iPhone, the whole package is wrapped in a rubber skin for extra impact mitigation. The included holster can be clipped to stay open and act as a stand in a pinch. The iPhone 6 gets some splash protection thanks to plugs for inputs along the bottom, but this isn't a fully waterproof case. Still, the Defender Series remains a solid choice for those that live a rough-and-tumble lifestyle.

TwelveSouth BookBook

TwelveSouth's BookBook is arguably one of the best-looking wallet cases available for the iPhone 6. The exterior looks like a well-worn novel, complete with real leather construction, but on the inside, you'll find plenty of room for your important ID cards and some cash. This series has been available for older iPhones, but new to the mix this time is a mounting mechanism so you can slip off the wallet portion when you need to. The underside is a soft-touch shell that still offers great protection. This also allows the outer wallet layer to act as a stand when you want to prop up your iPhone 6. For the convenience of taking just one thing with you when you head out the door, the TwelveSouth BookBook is a good bet.

LifeProof FRE

The LifeProof FRE case manages to combine total waterproof protection with an extremely slim profile. A gasket sits between the two halves of the FRE case, and covers up the headphone jack, leaving power and volume keys accessible via pass-through buttons on the case. Touch ID still works just fine through the integrated screen protector. If one were so inclined, you could dunk your iPhone 6 underwater up to two meters for an hour. The FRE case is also certified to handle drops of over 6 feet. If you want a little extra power and don't mind added bulk, the FRE Power is also available, or you can run with the LifeProof NUUD, which offers all the same waterproofing, without needing a screen protector. Whichever you pick, LifeProof cases live up to their name.

Tech21 Classic Check

Tech21 makes a wide range of cases, and one of their most popular is the Classic Check. This is a very slim case with easy access to keys and inputs, with the option for a clear build so your iPhone 6's profile stays fully visible. The Classic Check manages to maintain a high amount of impact protection through D3O gel lining the inside rim of the case. I've used boxing gloves with this stuff injected in the knuckles, and it's down right awesome how much impact they absorb. Nab a the Classic Check case if you want good protection with the bare minimum of additional bulk.

Spigen Tough Armor

The Spigen Tough Armor offers well-rounded protection without a ton of bulk. It protects the iPhone 6 with a combination of a flexible core and a hard plastic outer plate. Inputs remain open with a little extra wriggle room to accommodate third party accessories. Additional rear guards along the back keep the case raised just a little bit off flat surfaces to avoid extra scratches. The angular design helps glance impacts, but also looks extra-sharp.

Your favorite?

There are a lot of iPhone 6 cases out there, and paring them down to the five best is a tough call. For example, our own Peter Cohen digs the iGlaze cases by Moshi and the NuGard KX, while Jared DiPane is a fan of the Incase SYSTM.

Shout out in the comments and let us know which one you pick or, if you prefer something else, which iPhone 6 case you're using and loving right now!





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