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JailBreak and install Nitotv using windows on appletv2

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Guide to JailBreak and install Nitotv using windows on appletv2 with redsn0w0.9.6b2

for info:

the problem using windows is despite people saying that you can put the aptv2 into dfu mode holding down the down and menu buttons then the menu and play buttons I never managed to get it to go into dfu mode only into recovery mode googling it seems windows users have this issue ?

so found this way to do it...connect your appletv using only the microusb cable and not the mains power cord...
I used a custom ipsw from here
and then ran the new version of redsn0w and select the standard restore ipsw that I had previously downloaded from here http://www.felixbrun.../iPod/firmware/
click next
when the options come up select the last one "Just enter pawned DFU mode right now"
wait for the count down timer on step 2 to reach 7 seconds then hold the menu and play button until step 2 finishes at 0 then release buttons.
you should get a successfully in dfu mode after it had been pwned if not click back and try again.. until it succeds..
go to itunes and shift restore to your custom firmware..

when finished the easiest way to install nitotv is to plug the unit back into the tv and set it up again language and wifi connection etc..
download putty from here

open putty and connect into your Appltv2 using your aptv ipaddress
username root
password alpine
type β€œ passwd ” (without quotes) and enter a new password.

Now type
echo β€œdeb http://apt.awkwardtv.org ./” > /etc/apt/sources.list.d/awkwardtv.list [and press return]
apt-get update
Again type
apt-get install com.nito.nitoTV
Now type
killall Lowtide
After everything is done, unplug and plug it back in, wait for your AppleTV to reboot you may have to disconnect your hdmi cable and reconnect it..enter all your wifi details again if needed..


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